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Build and share your ideas

Use the Watchlist Builder to find stocks in a particular industry or based on keywords. Share your watchlists with followers and get updates when watchlists you follow add or remove stocks.

Scan Builder

Custom scans

Build your own scans with dozens of technical indicators and chart patterns. If you can't find what you're looking for, we'll build the scan for you!


Automatic email alerts

Setup alerts for email notifications for your favorite scans- moving average crossovers, candlestick patterns, or your own scans.

Premium Scans

History Scanner & Premium Scans

Scan for signals on any date in the past, and get access to Premium scans available only to members!

Auto updating Watchlists

Curated watchlists for stocks making new highs, breaking out of ranges, and other patterns

Your data in the cloud

No software to download install or update. We get data from exchanges and update it every day.

Easy to customize

You can find your own custom patterns based on complex conditions without writing any code!

Market Dashboard

Powerful dashboard that lets you scan the market at a glance.

Slice and dice the stock universe and filter it based on price movements, chart patterns, or financial metrics.

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